Solar Solutions


We at Powerhouse Projects pride ourselves in safe and effective solar installations that has the potential to save you thousands in the longterm.

From initial contact through to installation and beyond you can rest assure that your solar investment is truly with the professionals at Powerhouse Projects. Choosing us could be the best decision you could make.

Different Types of PV Systems

Solar Hybrid

  • Solar Panels charge the batteries and supplies power to the building.
  • Eskom is used as a possible secondary power supply.
  • If power goes out you will be able to have backup power for as long as batteries last.
  • Ideal for residential systems.

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  • System is ideal if your main goal is to cut your electricity costs.
  • System only consists of an Inverter (must be capable to be used as Grid-Tied Inverter) and Solar Panels.
  • The PV power is fed into the load to supplement the Eskom Feed.
  • System will however shut down if there is a power failure because it cannot operate without Eskom.
  • Any additional power produced by the system is lost if the load drawn is less than what can be provided.
  • Ideal for commercial clients.

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  • Systems have no connection to the Eskom Grid.
  • Power generated by the Solar Panels is used to power the system.
  • Any extra power is stored inside batteries.
  • The batteries are then used at night or when die Solar PV panels can not be used.
  • Batteries can be pricey and for that reason only essential appliances will be connected to the system to prevent battery damage.
  • Ideal in remote areas where Eskom electricity is not available.

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  • Best of both worlds. Acts as both Hybrid and Grid-Tied system
  •  System has the capability to provide power from batteries if the Eskom feed is interrupted.
  • System will also save you money by supplementing the Eskom feed while the power is still on.
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial, depending on the need of the client.

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