Bi-Directional Systems


A Bi-Directional System combines the best of both worlds. It is a combination of a Hybrid System and Grid-Tied System. Bi-Directional systems allow the user to reduce electricity cost and still have backup when the power goes out.

Unlike a traditional Grid-Tied system a Bi-Directional system will still function even if there is no power from Eskom. Batteries will be installed to provide backup in case of an interruption in the Eskom feed. Two inverters will be installed, one dealing with the batteries and one dealing with the Grid-Tied component.

A Bi-Directional system is ideal for both commercial and residential clients who need to reduce cost but still be able to function during load shedding.

How does a Bi-Directional System work?

Bi-Directional Systems have 2 components. They consist of a Hybrid component and Grid-Tied component.

The Hybrid component is responsible of making sure the batteries stay charged. Power generated from the solar panels is usually stored inside the batteries. DC power from the batteries and solar panels will then be converted to AC power for the system to distribute. Eskom will be used as a secondary power supply. When the power goes out the system will start to drain the batteries. This will provide backup power.

The Grid-Tied component will be used to reduce electricity drawn from Eskom. During the day power generated by the solar panels will be distributed. If the load needed exceeds the power that can be generated be the solar panels Eskom will be used to supplement the system providing the needed power. This means that during the day less power is drawn from Eskom and this will reduce your electricity cost.

Reduce Electricity Cost

Avoid Load Shedding

Less Grid Dependancy

Component Overview


An Inverter is needed to convert DC power from the batteries and solar panels to AC power in order for lighting and appliances to work.

We use the following brands for Bi-Directional Systems:

  • Victron

  • Fronius

PV Solar Modules

We use the following brands for Bi-Directional Systems:

  • Canadian Solar

  • JA Solar

  • BWD Solar

  • Peimar Solar

Solar Panels are used to convert power from the sun to electricity and provide the inverter with electricity for the system to work.

Lithium Batteries

Lithium Batteries are used to store power generated from the Solar Panels and provide backup when the Eskom Feed is interrupted.

We use the following batteries for Bi-Directional Systems:

  • Freedom WON

  • Pylontech

  • Shoto

  • Revov

  • Bull