Solar Hybrid Systems


Solar power is becoming more popular everyday. There is a constant need to find cleaner and more self-sustaining ways of providing electricity for our everyday needs. Coal supplies are depleting and electricity costs are becoming more expensive and environmental movements to a greener future are becoming more common.

Home owners are starting to install solar systems to make their home more environmentally friendly, reduce electricity costs and reduce their dependancy on Eskom.

Solar Systems are used to store additional power that is generated during the day to provide electricity at night when the electricity load is at it’s highest through batteries that are charged by the solar panels.

How does a Solar Hybrid System work?

The system works when the solar panels start to collect energy from the sun. The panels then convert the energy to electricity which is sent to the inverter.

The inverter is responsible for charging the batteries and converting the DC power from the batteries and solar panels to 230V AC power. This is needed because household appliances and lighting need AC power to work.

The inverter stores any excess power generated during the day inside the batteries for later consumption which normally happens at night.

When there is not enough solar power or battery power the inverter uses a automated change over switch to provide power to the home through Eskom.

When the Eskom feed is interrupted the batteries are used to provide electricity to the household. This will work for as long as the batteries remain charged.

Reduce Electricity Cost

Avoid Load Shedding

Less Grid Dependency

Component Overview


An Inverter is needed to convert DC power from the batteries and solar panels to AC power in order for lighting and home appliances to work.

We use the following brands for Solar Hybrid Systems:

  • Victron

  • Sunsynk

  • Growatt

  • Axpert

  • Fronius

PV Solar Modules

We use the following brands for Solar Hybrid Systems:

  • Canadian Solar

  • JA Solar

  • BWD Solar

  • Peimar Solar

Solar Panels are used to convert power from the sun to electricity and provide the inverter with electricity for the system to work.

Lithium Batteries

Lithium Batteries are used to store power generated from the Solar Panels and provide backup when the Eskom Feed is interrupted.

We use the following batteries for Solar Hybrid Systems:

  • Freedom WON

  • Pylontech

  • Shoto

  • Revov

  • Bull